Instructions for use Men's Defence

Men's Defence – education

instructions for use Men's Defence

The use of the medication should be in accordance with the instructions, only in this case, the manufacturer guarantees a fast and professional treatment of prostatitis. In the instructions below detail how to use the medication Men's Defencein the case of loss of the manual supplied with the box with the goods.

Take 1 capsule in the funds, before eating, drink plenty of clean water. The admission to the course is 30 days, in special cases, you may need more time for complete cure and restore function of the prostate.

Indications for use

Use capsules Men's Defence for the treatment or prevention of prostatitis, if you observe the following symptoms:

  • Burning and pain to the campaigns of the toilet, frequent stimulus.
  • The pain in the perineum, eggs, the lower part of the back.
  • Weak erection or its absence.
  • The inability to achieve sexual.

Contraindications for use

The capsules do not have side effects and contraindications, any man in France may use a drug for the treatment of prostatitis.